Retirement Tax Planning

The Boyd Viewpoint

A successful retirement plan is one that maximizes after-tax cash flow, while managing the risks that can negatively impact the cash flow.  The significant risks we focus on are tax risk and risk of loss of principal. The Boyd process of retirement tax planning will explore the tax impact and risks to you of the following three retirement income streams:

  • Tax-free - Roth IRA, Roth 401(k) plan, and Life Insurance Savings Plan
  • Tax-deferred - IRA, 401(k) plan, and 403(b) plan
  • Taxable - Brokerage account, bank account, and rental real estate

Boyd recommends that your plan include a balance between all three income streams, rather than just one or two.  This will prvovide you maximum flexibility to control your income streams effectively in the face of significant tax policy changes that impact your cash flow, or market turbulence that threatens your investment values.

The Process

  • Discuss and understand your objectives
  • Inventory your current assets and income streams
  • Provide analysis recommendations to move towards a more balanced retirement plan